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Crossroads Rituals

Rituals and rites of passage have helped us keep our relationship with the mysterious and spiritual forces integrated into our daily lives throughout history. They have helped us celebrate, mourn, begin and end passages in our lives. No matter what your spiritual tradition may be, a Crossroads Ritual can provide a powerful experience in which you align with the numinous to begin, end or celebrate something significant.


Some Examples:

  • Celebrating recovery from illness or accident

  • Conscious  Divorce

  • First Time Mother

  • Croning (Celebrating becoming a Wise Woman/Elder Post Menopause)

  • Decision Making (At the crossroads of a tough decision?

  • A ritual may clarify your mind)

  • Surviving a loss/setback

  • Baby Naming

  • Launching a Business

  • Closing a Business

  • House Blessing

I will provide all the instructions as we design a ritual to suit your specific needs, drawing on your own values and traditions.  


Contact for further details and fee

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