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The Veil Between

We hear stories of meaningful synchronicities, communications from the dead, dream travel, out of body experiences and countless other mysterious events.


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October 27th & November 3rd from 12-1:30pm EST

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Registration: $55

Saturday, October 27th & Saturday, November 3rd from 12-1:30

Sane, intelligent people share their stories with their spouse or best friends every day. Maybe you have shared one yourself.


Especially at this time of year, when the Veil Between the Worlds is supposedly at its thinnest, we have traditions like Halloween, All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), that celebrate and access the passage between the worlds.


Would you like to develop your ability to explore and understand some of these mysteries? If you are curious about the reality of omens, prophetic dreams and communication with those beyond the veil, this two week program will help you clear the static from the connection between the worlds.


Don’t worry, we will not be dealing with anything spooky or harmful. This approach will help you be at ease with the information that passes into our lives through the veil every day.


This class will include two 90 minute sessions, and a private FB page for class members to share experiences and ask questions. You will also receive suggestions and practices via email to help you further develop your potential.

The classes will also be recorded for your convenience.

You will receive intro information and call in number upon registration. FEE $55

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