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Coaching Services

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Eliot

Coaching is about connecting to your heart’s desires. It is about how to restore and deepen your trust in yourself. We will uncover the hidden patterns and beliefs that run your life and work against you. We will replace stress, worry, and conflict with ease and confidence. Coaching is not a sprint to the finish line, it is the process of building bridges to your forgotten dreams.


My coaching practices are deep and the resulting joy will be lasting. Your realizations will not be flash-in-the-pan insight, but real transformation. If you are ready to have the life that you long for - I’m the right coach for you.

Sessions are 55 minutes long

All sessions must be paid in advance via PayPal

$115 per session or $425 for 4 sessions paid in advance

About my coaching style

I will give you clear practices and ask you to do real things that produce results. I’m witty, irreverent and down to earth. Nothing you say will shock me. Together we will build bridges that connect you to the life you desire. We will also have fun and we’ll laugh. Uncovering life’s truths is exciting! I’ll show you how to find your wings and point you towards the cliff. You will take a leap. The freedom will feel incredible. I promise to be waiting when you come in for the landing.

Coaching helps you to…

  • Take risks and eliminate fear

  • Answer your life’s calling

  • End cycles of victimization and self-blame

  • Feel at peace in your body and quit living solely in your mind

  • Identify and reach your biggest dreams


Some past clients have used coaching to...

  • Quit a job

  • Find their great love

  • Write a book

  • Get over resentment

  • Feel healthier, happier and at peace in their lives

One Coaching Session - $115

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Four Coaching Sessions - $425

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