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Dream Keepers Circle: Series 1

4 Week Youtube Series and Introduction to Dream Keepers Circle

Four weekly pre-recorded video sessions starting Wednesday, March 22nd. Details for each week will be emailed.


The suggested cost is $56 (or pay what you can). The videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel every Wednesday. Following this series, I will create an ongoing Dream Circle Group with a dedicated Facebook page for us to continue sharing dreams and traveling in the Dreaming together.

Ready to register?

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or pay what you can!

You are invited to enter the Dreaming and bring energy and information into your life and into the world around you. Discover how you can ‘dream’ for someone who needs help, travel back into critical times in your life to help yourself, and receive information and insight from the Dreaming.

Whether or not you remember your dreams, this class can show you how to travel the Dreaming while you are awake. And…it also can awaken you to your night dreams.  We will:

·         Awaken to our dreaming selves

·         Explore and re-enter our dreams

·         Travel to and Create Imaginal meeting places

·         Practice Dream Healing

·         Keep a journal of our experiences in the Between

·         Use Journeying to connect with our Dream Selves


The Dreaming is far more than the place of our nightly adventures. It is the World Behind the World where imaginal realms gain substance and arrive as reality. It’s a place in which we can see the future, bring stuck energy out of the past, find pathways to alternate lives, and experience deep levels of healing. It is the place from which Magic rises as we learn to enter the flow and sail the waters of the Between. In this class, we will take a dive into those waters together.

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