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How to Navigate the Between

3 Week Youtube Series
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Three classes will be available on YouTube. They will be uploaded on September 7, 14, & 21.

Three 35-minute classes that will include stories, examples, techniques, and practices for traveling the Between. We will travel for about 15 minutes during each class and you will be able to repeat the journey on your own. Will be posted and available on my YouTube channel.

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Dreaming is another word for the Between. It is home to far more than our nighttime dreams. This is a state of awareness that allows us access to the worlds behind the world, even when we’re awake. When we are in The Dreaming, awake or asleep, we are able to step outside linear time, see view the past, visit with the dead, and receive a glimpse of the future.

We can meet with beings who live in other dimensions, access the wisdom of our ancestors, and communicate with plants, animals, and elementals. We can receive warnings, learn new things, carry out tasks and receive healing in this spacious present. Our night-dreams are peppered with these experiences whether we remember them or not. By entering a relaxed state of openness, we can access The Between Worlds. It is the realm of mystics, shamans, and seers.

  • How to access the Between while awake

  • Night dreams & dream re-entry

  • Practices for bringing back information and energy

  • Interactions with the beloved dead

  • Alternate timelines, lessons, and healing experiences.

  • Interactions with non-human Beings

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