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Letting Go and Saying No

Autumn is the perfect time to allow what we no longer need to fall away as the dancing leaves adorn the ground.


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October 3rd, 10th & 17th from 7-8pm EST

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Registration: $85

You can make more time and space in your life by weeding out old entanglements, resolving old issues, and revising any old habits you have outgrown. You can revise any part of life that you desire to re-create.


You will rediscover how to use creativity and imagination to jump-start whatever you have been procrastinating about.


We will work from the roots of our desires to seed new creations both mild and wild.

We will find that sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full on action.

We will discover how to access clues from the world around us to guide our actions.

You will start by saying NO to whatever no longer resonates with you.

You will release yourself from your self-imposed prison.


NO, I am not indulging in self-created misery for another second.

NO, I will not hide my emotions to please others.

NO, I will not say ‘I’m fine’ when I am not. Enough is enough.


“Just tweaking your habits or playing around at the edges is no longer an option. This is an all or nothing switch to the understanding that life is impermanent and that everything comes from you.” Lorna Bevin


Let’s learn and laugh and support each other as we clear the space our desires need to thrive.



Includes three live sessions Wednesday evenings October 3rd, 10th, & 17th from 7-8pm

Plus weekly notes and practice suggestions emailed directly to you.

The sessions will also be recorded for your convenience.

You will receive intro information and call in number upon registration.

FEE: $85

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