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Listening to Trees

4 week video workshop series
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Each of the 4 classes will be available on YouTube. They will be uploaded on July 6, 13, 20 & 27.


Each session will be 35-45 minutes and will include a guided meditation. 


Video links are accessible to all, however, the class notes, weekly practices, and additional facts, stories, and information are for those who choose to pay.


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This 4 week program will weave seamlessly between myth and fact, folklore and science, giving you an experience of Trees that will astonish you, and awaken you to their sentience. 


As children we climb Trees, swing from them, befriend them, talk to them. We know that they are aware and that they are special. Many of us feel an affinity for certain trees or a type of Tree. We notice them, watch them change through the seasons and lament if a Tree we are fond of is cut down. What if trees also notice you? What if you have simply stopped listening? Enter the sacred forests with me and rediscover your connection to the Trees. They are guides, guardians, makers of oxygen, providers of medicine and keepers of the earth.


  • Discover how science is now proving the truth of ancient Tree wisdom.

  • Learn how Trees communicate with each other, warn each other, and help each other.

  • Did you know that trees make sounds below the hearing range of humans?

  • Do you know why we ‘knock on wood’?

  • Find out which trees produce cancer blocking chemicals.

  • Experience connection with Trees.

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