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Practical Magick Series for 2024

3 Week Youtube Series on January 24th, 31st, & February 7th

This 3-week program will provide you many examples of how to use Magick in daily life.

The suggested cost is $52 (or pay what you can). The weekly videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel every Wednesday. If you register and pay will also receive a weekly email with notes, suggestions, and links to related materials.

Ready to register?

Register and receive important communications by clicking the Pay Now button below.


or pay what you can!

Level One:

  • Magic as a Practice

  • The ‘physics’ and mindset of Magick

  • Knowing your tools

  • Creating your unique practice

  • How to notice, build, dismiss, and direct energy.

Level Two:

  • The Ethics of Magick

  • The Language of Magick

  • The Anatomy of a Spell

  • Elements, Elementals, and Weather

  • Protection, Clearing, and Practical Magick

Level Three:

  • The Living Universe

  • Signs, Synchronicity, and Flow

  • Ancestors, Archetypes, Angels & Aliens

  • Standing Between the Worlds

  • Magick in art and music

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