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Coaching Services

Coaching is about connecting to your heart’s desires. It is about how to restore and deepen your trust in yourself. We will uncover the hidden patterns and beliefs that run your life and work against you. We will replace stress, worry, and conflict with ease and confidence. Coaching is not a sprint to the finish line, it is the process of building bridges to your forgotten dreams.

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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is a clinical science, like psychology, that is used to help determine the nature, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the writer.  It is considered “frozen body language” and as such can be used to ascertain over 100 traits.  Analysis is a reliable source of personality profiling used by the CIA and FBI to identify specific behaviors.


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Crossroads Rituals

Rituals and rites of passage have helped us keep our relationship with the mysterious and spiritual forces integrated into our daily lives throughout history. They have helped us celebrate, mourn, begin and end passages in our lives. No matter what your spiritual tradition may be, a Crossroads Ritual can provide a powerful experience in which you align with the numinous to begin, end or celebrate something significant.

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Reiki Treatment & Training

Reiki is the name given to a modality of balancing physical, mental, and emotional energies, which is often experienced as deep relaxation, quiet mind, relief from worry, pain reduction, increased immune efficiency and healing. It is a non-invasive hands-on (gentle touch) form of energy work. The recipient of a Reiki session remains clothed and may be seated rather than lying down. While Reiki is not meant to replace medical care, it can be safely used with any other modality, including medical treatments.


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I'm a writer, life coach and smart-ass grandmother. I have over 35 years of experience coaching and have trained in dozens of methods including Radical Honesty, remote viewing, dream interpretation, handwriting analysis, and guided meditation.

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