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Spirit Animal Helpers

4 Week Youtube Series

Four weekly pre-recorded video sessions starting Wednesday, February 15th. Details for each week will be emailed.


The suggested cost is $56 (or pay what you can). The videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel every Wednesday. Additional information with notes, links, pictures, and practices will be emailed to you the night before.

Ready to register?

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or pay what you can!

Throughout history, we humans have had intimate relationships with our fellow animals. We have painted them in our cave dwellings, dressed and acted like them to call upon their skills and powers, and been marked by them during rites and rituals. We have hunted, eaten, and honored them, sung their songs, and called upon their healing and protection.


We have been visited by our winged and four-footed animal relatives who have bestowed gifts upon us, and they have, in modern times, been messengers, dream ambassadors, and even housemates, sharing our food and our beds.

What this class offers is a way to re-establish and renew our connections to our other animal relations. We will invite them into our dreams and journeys, explore how they show up in our lives, and develop our communication with both Spirit Animals and the animals around us.  We will explore the energies and gifts of fox, wolf, crow, bear, snake, buffalo, hawk, raven, shark, elephant, cat, lion, blue heron, and black dog. 

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