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The Gifts Beyond Fear

4 Week Youtube Series

Four weekly pre-recorded video sessions starting Wednesday, November 9th. Details for each week will be emailed.


The suggested cost is $56 (or pay what you can) and it includes a bonus live question and answers session.

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Close encounters, ghostly visits, visions, missing time, powerful dream events, and bizarre synchronicities are part of life. Have you experienced some of these? If you ask friends and family members, you’ll likely hear stories they have kept secret for a long time, out of the fear of not being understood.


In this program, we will talk about deeper realities and why some of us are more attuned to these experiences. We will explore what we can gain and learn from these unusual experiences. Although we often can’t make sense of them, these events are still as real as your table, as real as sunrise. As real as you are!

You will learn about the language of symbols and emotions, which are the deep and unconscious mind’s way of bridging realities, and how to become more fluent in this language. We will also investigate common ways the mind deals with the unknown, and how to work through to reduce fear. There are deeper realities from which meaningful coincidences rise and through which doors between the worlds open. 

We will look at Celtic stories of the Fey, Native American beliefs about Star People, and discuss some of the areas in the US known for bizarre anomalies and encounters. 


We will discuss:

  • What gifts are beyond the fear.

  • Accepting the strange and unusual as it is

  • Opening our view of Reality

  • Liminal doorways

  • Contact with Non-Human Beings

  • Visits from our beloved dead

  • Protection and Boundaries

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