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Real Magic is About Going Deep

When we are young, before we are taught to turn our attention away from our senses, our imaginations open gateways to other worlds. We see what others can no longer see, and feel what others have become numb to. The magical world we live in isn’t cluttered with intellectual thinking. We just know things. As children, our direct relationship with the hidden world and the power to being firmly grounded in our senses is extraordinary.

We are taught to forget

Then we are encouraged to deny, dismiss and ignore our deep awareness. We are told our awareness of instances of magic are “just dreams, only coincidence’ and so learn to live on the surface of reality. As adults, we are barely able to wet our feet in daily experience without interference from the rationalizing rules we have been taught to live by. And so we struggle while our deep awareness continues to send us messages that we mostly ignore.

This alienation from our deep knowledge isn’t just ‘growing up.’ I know plenty of adults who have reclaimed their senses - partnering their intellect with their dreams and intuitions. From my experience, they are most sane and happy among us.

We are citizens of two worlds

Our Conscious Mind is just the tip of the iceberg. It is often mistakenly thought of as the part of our awareness that ‘runs the show’, however, the vast majority of our decisions are made deep in our subconscious awareness. Our Deep Mind begins on the edge of our conscious awareness, and descends far beyond the place where our Conscious Mind has control.

“The conscious mind is like a tiny stowaway on a transatlantic steamship, taking credit for the journey without acknowledging the massive engineering underfoot.”—David Eagleman, Incognito: The Secret Lives of The Brain

The Conscious Mind and Deep Mind are partners with distinctly different operating systems that work together seamlessly to create our experiences in high-definition. Deep Mind organizes information far too quickly for the conscious mind to follow. Conscious Mind is like a dancer moving gracefully in a single spotlight of information.

When both minds are syncing, we have access to the full extent of our intelligence. We think and make decisions differently, have more empathy and less stress, more creativity and less chaos. We go with the flow and change direction by following the subtle clues that are all around us.

Let your Deep Mind free

We have to relearn to trust the signs that rise from the Deep Mind, for they offer us imaginative solutions and new pathways towards happiness and health. Sensations, dreams, and intuitions are all part of this language of our Deep Mind. It speaks to us in the language of symbols and emotions, guiding us to the life we desire. It points us toward healing and satisfaction - away from dead end roads. But we must listen to act.

Sit with nature. The threshold to the Deep Mind is on mountaintops, at crossroads, under the Milky Way, on the banks of rivers and oceans, at dawn or at dusk. During the changing of seasons, we are more likely to experience enlightenment and inspiration. The “veil” between here and there is thinner, more easily glanced through.

Don’t dismiss magic

I know of a woman who dreamed she had breast cancer, and even though her tests came back clear, she insisted that her doctor do a different test. They found the cancer, treated it, and she has been in full remission for over 13 years now.

I know a man who had a strong urge to take a new route to work, and later discovered there had been a 14 car pile-up on the road he usually took. After work, he again felt a strong urge to take the new route home and almost dismissed it again, but he followed. He made a stop on the new route at a coffee house and met the woman who would become his wife.

All you need is wonder

To begin, all you need is that sense of wonder you had as a child. Live your daily experience with awareness of emotions and urges that rise seemingly unbidden. Like fish breaking the surface, leaving ripples in their wake. Let yourself play - creative acts, singing, dancing or anything which suspends our sense of time also helps us connect with our Deep Minds.

While we can’t stop our “reasoning” Surface Mind from assessing and judging, we can learn to inhibit the process enough to allow new possibilities to surface. Meditation, yoga, and similar mindfulness practices are tried and ways to quiet the noise and allow something new to be revealed.

As you free your imagination more possibilities become available. You will begin to shift from feeling that life is a hard job to realizing that life is more like an interaction with many dimensions. The more joyfully and energetically you play, the more fun life can be.

As we reconnect with our Deep Mind, we expose the rules we live by that cause us suffering. With practice, your entire world may shift, revealing rivers of information that until now have been hidden in plain sight. Your deeper connections will become more obvious. You will begin to trust your intuition and in the goodness of the world. This is Real Magic.

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