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Witching You a Very Happy New Year!

When wishing doesn’t make things happen, you can witch yourself a happy new year!

Witch yourself a new year that’s not depending on resolutions, will-power, and the usual list of crap you think you pressure yourself to think or do.

Here’s my first suggestion: Write all that stuff down all your resolutions take a match to it. Perfect. Done.

Next, take a look back at last year and ask yourself HOW did you manage to get more of the same results in spite of your carefully worded plans? If you sit honestly with that question, you may discover one of three things:

1. You don’t really want what you say you want. 2. You want it, but want it to happen without any real effort on your part. 3. You don’t believe that you can have or deserve to have whatever it is.

So, like a witch on her broom, look at your past efforts from a new vantage point, and you will find the thing that stops you.

We are the creators of our experience. If you desire to invite something NEW into your life — something bigger, bolder, richer and more glorious, you can’t create it by doing that same thing you’ve done in the past. Belief and action must sing in harmony with each other, weaving a new pattern.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have moments of doubt and frustration, or that you won’t screw up and have to redirect the self-defeating thoughts that try to take you down the same old path. Magic happens when you are in the flow — when you are following that inner pull towards joy, pleasure, and appreciation. You will have to make an effort to notice and shift your thoughts and the emotions so that you can keep doing things that will bring about new results.

Simply put, magic is practical. Only when your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in agreement, can you shift your path. You can’t ‘wish’ your bothersome ex into the cornfield, but you can decide not to put up with bad behavior, change the way you communicate, and get coaching to deal with residual anger, guilt, and fear. Be ready to protect your new boundary with the help of a supportive community, or a lawyer and the police if necessary.

You can’t just declare that your complex pattern of thought and behavior has morphed into something new any more than you can buy wood and brick and glass and wish it up into a house. The thing has to be built. The ground has to be cleared. Look for help along the way from experts and positive people.

To shape or bend reality, which is what real magic is, you gotta have sharp tools.

Your tools are your emotions, your repeated thoughts, your words, and your powerful Imagination. These are the pattern makers, the habit builders, and the meaning generators. If you let your mother or your mate or your boss get under your skin, you will need to employ those tools to shake off the distraction and get back to supporting your best foot forward.

There’s a little witch in all of us. If you trust your magic and sharpen your tools through awareness — the magic will flow. Whatever you want in the coming year: more money, better health, a lively romance, a deep love relationship, a new job, more friends, travel — apply this witchy wisdom and you’ll never make a resolution again.

Use your imagination as something more than a hat rack! Daydream about the new job, new house, new partner every day. Think the thoughts and flow with the feelings of fun, love, spaciousness, satisfaction, abundance, health. Allow those daydreams to inform you — Notice the fear, the self-doubt, the thoughts and feelings that may pop up and counter them. Sit with them until you can see beyond them and know that you have the courage, the determination to try new places, new ideas, new people that will support this new version of yourself. If you need help to get unstuck from your old thoughts and emotions — ask for help. Above all else, keep aligning what you think and how you feel with what you do. Create new practices and rituals that build new experiences.

Don’t white knuckle your way through. Imagine, feel, think, and then act.

Magic is energy. Give your future magical energy.

Take time to revel in the friends, health, love, and life that you do have too. Even if it’s not perfect, our best starting place for creating the life we desire is appreciating things about the life we have. Even hard times can reveal true friends, hidden strengths, and unknown weaknesses — all valuable for us to be aware of and do something with!

So, friends, I am witching you a delightful New Year filled with brave thoughts, big dreams, potent imagination, wise actions, useful challenges, and lots of Love.

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