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Everyday Magic

Sensing Energy & Riding the Flow


75 minutes of independent training & experiential practices, divided into three 25 minute segments.

Available starting MAY 19th


This program will be available via link upon purchase starting Wednesday, May 19th.


Live Q & A session on Saturday, May 22 at noon EST.

Once you pay for the workshop you will be able to view it for 10 days.

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All magic depends on our ability to feel energy. We practice to learn how to sense it,  flow with it, ride a wave or steer away from murky, convoluted or chaotic energy. The more skilled we become, the more we’re able to seek or enhance patterns of energy that put wind in the sails of our desires. The more energy aware we are, the stronger our magic.

This workshop is for practitioners of all levels. It consists of practices that can develop and deepen your ability to feel, seek out, call up, dismiss and avoid different kinds of energy.

We will also look at the way your individual magical and mundane interests and preferences are doors through which energies flow, and learn how to use simple daily tasks as practices for becoming more sensitive to shifts in energy.

  • Noticing energy practices (beginner, intermediate & advanced)

  • Managing your own energy with grounding, clearing and ritual.

  • Various types of warding and clearing home, car and dreamspace.

  • How to find and Ride the flow.

  • How to use your senses to get back into flow.

  • Everyday magic to develop energy awareness skills.

  • How to seek, invite and build energy.

  • Exploring energy through your magical interests & preferences.

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