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 Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is a clinical science, like psychology, that is used to help determine the nature, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the writer.  It is considered “frozen body language” and as such can be used to ascertain over 100 traits.  Analysis is a reliable source of personality profiling used by the CIA and FBI to identify specific behaviors.


Handwriting can reveal:

  • Emotional responsiveness

  • Energy level

  • Stress

  • Defense patterns

  • Motivation

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Confidence and success

  • Self doubt

  • Integrity

  • Sex drive

  • Style of communication

  • Learning style

  • Fear and trust issue


How to Order an Analysis

$100 (Includes analysis and full verbal report and brief email report.) Please send one full page of writing – including the subject’s signature – written with a ball point pen.  If the subject prints, please send two samples – one printed and one written in cursive.  Subject matter and legibility are irrelevant.  Sample should be written freely rather than copying something.  Scan the sample at full size and email it or photocopy the sample (to keep for your phone consultation) and mail the original to:


Raven Dana

Stress Wizard Coaching

PO Box 32265

Euclid OH 44132

Who can benefit:

  • Employers can have writing samples analyzed to help screen potential employees and match desired traits in a job description to actual traits seen in the writing sample

  • Businesses who need help investigating cases of theft and fraud

  • Individuals who want to alter self-sabotage habits

  • Singles looking for a good match

  • Couples desiring better communication

  • Teachers wanting to discover the learning style of students

  • Lawyers wanting to improve jury selections


“I had almost given up on hiring anyone to help me build my practice before hiring Raven Dana to screen candidates by handwriting analysis.  I was amazed again and again at the accuracy of her assessments which came to light in the way I conducted final interviews.  I had made some poor choices in the past, but, this year, the hiring process has been a breeze. Life is much easier with staff members that are both competent and compatible. The handwriting is a very reliable tool.”

Dr. Steve Gardner, Bethesda MD

To purchase a handwriting analysis, use the Paypal button below.

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